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Sam Youngman: Fark.com Founder Drew Curtis Explains his Run for Kentucky Governor

"It was [Gatewood] Galbraith's last run for governor, when he pulled about 9 percent of the more than 880,000 votes cast, that Curtis sees as proof that he can shock the political world and build a blueprint for other independent candidates who are sickened by the outsize influence of money in politics.

"So I figure 9 percent's probably on the table," Curtis said. "And then at that point, in a three-way race, I only need another 225,000 people to jump in and vote for me and I got it. And that's not a lot. And I can reach them. And so I'm pretty sure I can find more than 225,000 people in Kentucky that want to try something different." -- Read More

Drew Curtis of Fark.com is Running for Governor of Kentucky. How a TED Talk Inspired His Campaign—and Why He Hopes It’ll Inspire You Too

"Curtis’ ambition isn’t just the governor’s mansion. No, he wants to take on a political system that makes politicians beholden to large donors, at the expense of the people they govern. It’s a mission sparked by another TED Talk, from political activist Larry Lessig — and Curtis hopes that his campaign will become a blueprint for others who want to try this." -- Read More

Fark.com Founder Drew Curtis Announces Bid for Kentucky Governor

"The 41-year-old Curtis is part of the Citizen Candidate movement in which members pledge to make “data-driven” choices without party affiliation, which they argue makes them not beholden to special interest money." -- Read More

Exclusive Interview: Fark.com’s Drew Curtis Enters Race to Become Kentucky Governor

"In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Business Lexington, Curtis cast himself as a “citizen candidate” and talked about his plans and goals in joining the fray. He cited influence-peddling, party gridlock and “this sinking feeling that nobody is doing their damn jobs at the political level” as major factors influencing his decision." -- Read More

Disruptive Democracy: Fark.com’s Drew Curtis Aims to Shake Up Politics as Usual with Independent Run

"The kicker on the idea [of running for governor] was how to do it differently, and one of the things was avoiding parties because that seems to be where the lockup is. … Because basically it doesn’t matter what an individual politician thinks, they can’t go against their party. Assuming they don’t even stop at the donor list in the first place, they couldn’t make the right decision if they had to. It just seems like a really terrible way to run things." -- Read More

Fark for Governor? Website Founder Announced 2015 Kentucky Bid

“People are really ecstatic. I was surprised,” he said. “I was hoping people would be sort of supportive about it, but they were really ecstatic to extremely ecstatic.” He added, “They see this as an opportunity to really change something.” -- Read More

Fark.com's Drew Curtis Enters Kentucky Governor's Race, Promises Independent Campaign

"He also announced his intention to avoid accepting blank checks from corporate interests who would expect him to return the favor once he's in office.

“As an unaligned executive, you're in a really good spot because, if they can't buy influence from you, who do they buy it from?” Curtus told the newspaper. “I mean, they can go ahead and spend money on the legislature all day but it does't matter if they can't reach me.” -- Read More

Fark Founder Drew Curtis Looks To Parlay Internet Fame As Reform Candidate For Kentucky Governor

“Like most everyone else I’m pretty dissatisfied with the quality of government we have, and so I’m doing something about it,” Curtis said, in an email. “I'm sort of suited for it as well - I'm an extrovert, I like travel, I understand media and media coverage, I'm Internet Famous, which is a decent start, and so on.  I also think I can run for office without having to actually become a politician myself - which is why I'm only after one term.” -- Read More

Holy Fark! Drew Curtis is Running for Kentucky Governor

"I'm running for governor because if I get elected, the vicious cycle of influence money in politics grinds to a halt," Curtis wrote in a post announcing his candidacy on (where else?) Fark. "I don't have 'beliefs' on issues of economics. I'm more or less agnostic on social issues. And I'm far more excited about retooling the executive branch to better interface with customers than anything else. The boring stuff is the most important stuff. It doesn't grab headlines but it's the part of being governor I really want to sink my teeth into."

I love it: a nerdy non-politician running on a Seinfeldian non-issue platform about nothing and everything at once." -- Read More

Fark’s Drew Curtis: From Web 1.0 Pioneer to Governor?

"I can’t be a good politician. Someone sent me a list of the things I was already doing wrong, and most of them are things that I refuse to do, like never saying “I don’t know” when someone asks a question. Well sometimes I don’t know. Politicians say they always do, but I’ve never been happy with that as a voter. So the idea is that if there are enough people that feel the same way, maybe this will work. What I’m saying is I’m a really smart guy, so put me in office and I’ll fix stuff." -- Read More


Fark's Drew Curtis Running For Governor Of Kentucky

"While it's all too easy to be cynical about politicians and lobbyists and special interests, it's encouraging to see more people pushing back against those things, and actually looking to make a real difference. Whether or not this effort succeeds, we need more efforts like this, and I'm excited to see Curtis take a shot." -- Read More

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