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  • Donald Page
    commented 2015-11-02 19:22:07 -0500
    I am not a Kentucky resident but I saw your name in a news report. I am a serious proponent of major government and election reform and I believe we share this position. I have a very strange set of opinions about many issues and I started a Presidential campaign a few months ago to promote real choice in elections. You can see my campaign and my opinions on my website: I cannot afford a dedicated website so I’m using the personal site I created when I was a programmer. I need an intelligent, ruthlessly independent person to take over as my candidate – I am an under-educated person with Asperger and I don’t have the social skills to be a real candidate. Do you want the job? I’m calling this THE REAL CHOICE CAMPAIGN. Contact me and we can discuss possibilities.
  • Dean Adams
    commented 2015-11-02 07:36:00 -0500
    I have one issue question for Mr. and Mrs. Curtis. I’ve been over the site, except I haven’t been through 100% of the blog posts, yet, and haven’t seen a response to this issue. As a campaign platform, not just as a matter of personal belief, are Mr. and Mrs. Curtis for or against limiting abortion on demand, and if elected, would Mr. Curtis veto legislation seeking to limit/restrict abortion on demand, and would he veto legislation to require ultrasounds and enhanced informed consent requiring information on alternatives be provided to pregnant women seeking an abortion prior to the service being offered?

    Thank you in advance for your reply and for seeking to provide a better alternative to Kentuckians.


    Dean R. Adams, MD
  • Arthur Marcum
    commented 2015-10-28 12:30:11 -0400
    Unions as they are run today are a curse to America. Forced union dues go to union bosses who contribute to liberal-progressive causes & candidates. I will NOT vote for any candidate who fails to favor Right To Work laws. Unions are driving all industry and jobs overseas.
  • Cynthia Cantrell
    commented 2015-10-27 11:14:22 -0400
    Dear Mr. Curtis.

    This letter is also being sent to Matt Bevin and Jack Conway. No candidate for governor has addressed the problem of not funding teachers’ pensions. Vague ideas has been floated for state employees, but there has been silence regarding the huge shortfall in teachers’ pensions. Here is a way to solve the problem: Impose a one tenth of one percent tax on all income received in the state. This is how it would work: For a middle class family earning $100,000: One percent is $1,000, one tenth of one percent is $100. For a corporation with profits of $10,000,000: One percent is $100,000, one tenth of one percent is $10,000. For a person in poverty earning $20,000: One percent is $200, one tenth of one percent is $20. (less than $2 per month).

    This issue must be resolved. Teachers are dedicated, hardworking people who are in the forefront of improving Kentucky’s workforce, the source of future income for the state.

    Which one of you will have the courage to say this during the campaign?

    Which one of you will have the courage to actually do this if elected

    Please respond to this message.

    Cynthia H. Cantrell

  • Leslie Taylor
    commented 2015-10-26 22:35:13 -0400
    We did not even know there was an independent candidate for governor.

    Try one or both of these media events about national issues for free news coverage:

    1. Pay for the showers for truckers at one truck stop such as at the Flying J that is near Frankfort and the Love’s Truck Stop that is near Richmond, Kentucky. There is another truck stop just east of Louisville, Kentucky in Shelbyville. The showers are usually approximately $10 each. The national issue is the price reflects price gouging and that the prices should be controlled with legislation. There will probably be less than one hundred trucks at the truck stop because of limitations for parking space.

    2. Do a media event about deportation for illegal aliens. The US citizens do want to have the illegal aliens deported. Therefore, use a location with workers who support unions such as United Parcel Service (UPS). The event can be about what? A give-away? A free food fest with hot dogs and hamburgers? I did want to run for governor and do despise Jack Conway. I also support deportation because the illegal aliens comprise the majority of the gang population. The event needs to be news worthy, not offensive like Fark, and must benefit the public. Maybe a free day at a zoo for the union workers? Maybe an event at a union hall? I am not sure about the political restrictions for holding the events but do know that the Teamsters have protected the drivers during some adverse circumstances. Maybe you could give a group of third shift workers from the UPS in Lexington (to attract attention to deportation and illegal aliens) free admission to the track or ball field in Lexington. Does Drew Curtis have a special skill that could be used for the event?

    Your website should have been designed with more “keywords” such as for the words “independent candidate 2015 Kentucky governor.” However, the time is near and the media will help to attract the voters who watch the news reports or who read the news reports on t
  • Leslie Taylor
    commented 2015-10-26 18:57:27 -0400
    The name of Drew Curtis is not easily found on the Internet. Your campaign has been weak while the opposition is plotting more terror for Kentucky. I could not find the name without looking extensively for independent candidates. Drew Curtis has an excellent chance of winning but does not provide accessible information for the voters.

    The Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville is never inspected and had not been inspected before a young was injured several years ago.

    Jack Conway has henchman: Jason Palmer and Ron Turley who work as troopers for the Kentucky Police Department in Frankfort, Kentucky, and who also commit murder.

    A David Corhost (or Chorost) is a psychiatrist who works at Western State Hospital, who runs dope, and who also tortures and murders innocent victims.

    Jack Conway enjoys torture and systematically remove each candidate who opposes him. The Chicago Mafia lounges in the Office of the Kentucky State Attorney General. An Asian woman was murdered in the Franklin County Jail before the news stories were used to report the murder as a suicide. Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Bishop should be on the list of suspects.

    The state funds are bilked by companies that never perform services while Jack Conway takes his kickback bribe and never prosecutes such as the contractor who has been working on the short, half-mile section of I-65 in front of Jewish Hospital for more than 15 years in Louisville.

    Douglas Anthony Blanton runs the dope at the University of Kentucky and tortures students.

    Two advantages for Drew Curtis: Jack Conway is a sadist and disliked. Matt Bevin has a black running mate while Kentuckians have been besieged by black dope gangs.

    Drew Curtis could actually win if Drew Curtis was more visible.
  • Leslie Taylor
    commented 2015-10-26 18:22:56 -0400
    The Terror Continues: The 2015 Candidates for Kentucky

    Jack Conway and Sannie Overly are the Democratic candidates. Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton are the Republican candidates. Conway has henchman who have killed thousands of US citizens across the state. Jenean Hampton is the only black candidate among these four politicians.

    Matt Bevin choose a black running mate because he wants Jack Conway to win and to continue killing the Caucasians in Kentucky. Either way, the blacks will be able to continue slaughtering Caucasian landowners.

    Jack Conway has Caucasian landowners beaten and murdered on their land and pushed out of the state jobs that are now controlled by the Hispanics and the blacks.

    In contrast, Matt Bevin sends funds to India and Africa while ensuring that Caucasians are terrorized and murdered on their land in Kentucky. Kentuckians are never going to vote for a black for the Office of Governor after the massacres in the state of Kentucky, which has left more than 10,000 Caucasians dead after the blacks had them slaughtered.

    Each political race for Jack Conway is rigged with these maneuvers because Jack Conway is controlled by the Mafia. The strong hatred for blacks will permit Jack Conway to win again and to continue his reign of terror.
  • Denny Lacy
    commented 2015-10-25 17:41:15 -0400
    I will be voting for you on election day. To vote for either the Democratic or Republican candidate is the ultimate expression of a “wasted vote!” It will only be through the rejection of crony politics, and the resumption of power by the people that any meaningful return of freedom – economic and regulatory – will ever be accomplished. Do I hold a great deal of hope for the return of sanity by the electorate? Not really. The “herd” is too conditioned and dependent to do anything but continue to “lick the hand” of the power brokers. But, I will not be counted among them. I will resist and stand for a fellow citizen who is trying to give us a real alternative. THANKS!

    If I can help let me know.
  • Robert Gault
    commented 2015-10-25 08:18:57 -0400
    It has come to my attention that you have not returned the Right to Work Candidate Survey sent to you by the Kentucky Right to Work Committee. As a business owner in Kentucky I strongly support passage of a statewide Right to Work law and oppose forced unionism. I urge you to reconsider your stance on this matter and advise you that I , for one, will not be voting for you unless you do!
  • Darryl Burton
    commented 2015-10-20 12:52:30 -0400
    Do you support mandatory kindergarten? I oppose raising the state minimum wage.
  • Tim Taylor
    commented 2015-10-19 18:29:20 -0400
    I like your ideas and think you probably would be good for Kentucky. I don’t think voters will elect an Independant no matter who it is. I do think you will take votes away from Matt Bevins and will help Jack Conway get elected. which Ky does not need. I encourage you to consider withdrawing and through your support Bevins.
  • Tim Taylor
    commented 2015-10-19 18:29:19 -0400
    I like your ideas and think you probably would be good for Kentucky. I don’t think voters will elect an Independant no matter who it is. I do think you will take votes away from Matt Bevins and will help Jack Conway get elected. which Ky does not need. I encourage you to consider withdrawing and through your support Bevins.
  • Carl Yates
    commented 2015-10-04 21:37:56 -0400
    I will vote for you and I wish you much success in your campaign! I’m sorry, but I have never sent money to a campaign, nor placed a sign in my yard or put a sticker on my car. I do not want to tell others how I feel or think or how to live their lives. I am an I dependent voter, always have been. I think for myself and hope others do the same. Best wishes and I WILL vote for YOU!
  • Christy Whiting
    commented 2015-09-17 15:14:05 -0400
    I just listened to your interview on NPR. I thought your answers were well thought out and very reasonable. Great job and good luck.
  • J L
    commented 2015-09-14 12:47:04 -0400
    Dear Mr. Curtis & Staff:

    Asking if you will please support voting rights for all citizens, including jail inmates.

    Here is a research article that shows how re-integrating folks in society creates healthy outcomes.

    However, they say personal stories are what sells, so here is mine:

    A few decades ago, during elementary through high school, I worked as a “court runner” in downtown Louisville. One thing I love doing was listening as the attorneys talked about their cases in the hall an elevators.

    it was a regular habit that prosecuting attorneys used the name “Leroy” as they talked about how they traded probation for felony convictions. When they talked of others without a racist intent, other outcomes were made.

    However, what was made clear to me was it was regular practice to “get the felony” especially with Black youth.

    That unfairness has haunted me as i register voters and they say “i gotta felony”, especially the look in their children’s eye’s as they comprehend that their parent is unworthy for the minimal level of democracy.

    Asking that you please support voting rights for all citizens, including jail inmates.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Mark Shanahan
    commented 2015-09-14 11:10:39 -0400
    Hi. I’m a UK-based academic and am following the campaign with 60 undergrad politics students at the University of Reading. Would you guys be willing to engage with us on the campaign – especially the joys and pitfalls of campaigning as an independent? I’m beginning to use more and more social media in the classroom – and it would be great to set something up (tweetup?) in the run-up to election day.
  • Jack Prindle
    commented 2015-09-10 17:18:15 -0400
    My name is Jack Prindle and I live on Big Bone Church Road in Union, Ky. I heard a netcast that you were on with Leo LaPorte and immediately hoped that you would be able to help me with an issue that I have been fighting for ten years now.

    Before I bought my home I contacted Insight Communications which was the internet and cable service provider in the area. They advised they did service the address and they were to install broadband internet service to me the day after I moved in. Three months later they still had not installed the service and informed me that they did not service my address.

    My drive is 1,234 feet from their network according to them. The house just north of me has service, but from me south for the next mile and a half there is no service.

    Over the last ten years I have been quoted prices for them to extend the service from $5,000 to 40, 000 depending on the day and who I talked to. Every time I agreed they would come back sometime later and said they had erred and could not provide service.

    To make a long story short, there are 24 property owners that are orphaned and cannot receive broadband internet service in our area. We have signed contracts within the last year with Time Warner to provide service increasing from $300 a month with a 3 year contract, to Over $400 a month with a five year contract, and even though Time Warner signed the contract in each case they have ultimately backed out and said they could not provide the service.

    If you check the FCC database website which tracks broadband internet, put in our addresses it shows both Time Warner and Cincinnati Bell both provide Broadband Internet Service to us, however neither company will provide any service to us. We know that both companies have received tax dollars to provide broadband internet to rural areas, and the database shows they provide service but they do not.

    The 24 property owners as you can imagine, specifically including myself are extremely frustrated!!!! Listening to your comments on Leo LaPortes show I am hopeful that you have an answer and can possibly help us! If you can please contact me:

    Jack Prindle

    11624 Big Bone Church Road

    Union, Ky. 41091


    Phone: 859-474-1095
  • Greg White
    commented 2015-08-15 09:39:52 -0400
    I have a suggestion for your tax plan. Eliminate all corporate taxed where the money stays in the state. Our current rates range from 4-6% and our individual rates between 2-6%. The revenues not collected at the corporate level will get picked up at the individual level, but it will simplify things for corporations. I don’t know how you verify that income and profits stay in the state, and this may be a deal breaker for this idea, but you may know how to do that. I would love for us to do this on a federal level, but there is no one to suggest it to.
  • William Ratliff
    commented 2015-08-01 21:11:00 -0400
    Are you going to attend Nothing Fancy Farm?
  • Matthew Strother
    commented 2015-07-06 19:24:50 -0400
    Will you all be coming up to the Cov200 celebration in NKY? It will be on the Covington riverfront across from where the MLB All-star game will be going on.
  • Gerry Simpson
    commented 2015-05-26 16:28:09 -0400
    Someone needs to merge Kentucky State with the KCTCS System. Both are poorly run, the university needs a real funding source and KCTCS right now gets to do whatever it wants without any government oversight because nobody wants to seem opposed to education. But it’s a gigantic scam implemented by a democrat governor and none of the people in communities want versailles (NOT EVEN FRANKFORT) telling them what to do with their lives. If any candidate for governor is smart they will propose merging Kentucky State University with the community colleges into a Kentucky State system with actual oversight by someone other than a bunch of crony democrat friends of Patton from the 90s.
  • ken dyer
    commented 2015-05-22 17:46:49 -0400
    I got started getting names today,got half a sheet this am,found more interest than I expected.As soon as I can will get back over to Lex. and pick up some

    additional lit. Just wanted to let you know.
  • Stella Pollard
    commented 2015-05-11 23:00:09 -0400
    Hey guys. I am willing to talk about common core/ky education anytime!
  • Daniel Bentley
    commented 2015-05-08 20:18:10 -0400
    Mr. Curtis,

    I am asking each candidate for Governor of The Commonwealth these three straightforward questions. Please respond.

    Do you support a constitutional amendment restoring natural marriage?

    If not, then what exactly will you do to protect my religious freedom?

    If nothing, why should I support you?
  • Bob Dobbs
    commented 2015-04-29 19:47:59 -0400
    You are “independent” in the way that many liberals trying to eek out those extra votes are. Your base position is “veto right to work” without knowing enough about it. Enough said. If your default position is to take away choice, you need to take a look in the mirror. In what possible objectively framed argument could you claim that it is ok to force people to join any organization, let alone one that votes as a block in lockstep with existing power structures, in order to obtain a job. I’m sure your rebuttal will be something along the lines of corporations buying votes in the opposite…so you, like many others, declare another corrupt apparatus is the way to fight already existing ones. Gotcha.

    If you cannot admit that unions have become essentially vote buying apparatus, then you are:

    1. Not an independent, but have a bias toward a Democrat way of doing things

    2. Not intellectually honest.


    Good attempt with the latest fad of “I’m an independant too!” . Go sell that tired shit elsewhere.

    Now delete away…
  • Anthony Roberts
    commented 2015-04-28 06:17:20 -0400
    Ironic, I asked several relevant, tough, but relevant questions on your facebook page. Several days went by with no answer. I posted a reminder, your campaign manager responded with an apology that they were missed and asked for me to post them again. No problem, I did. Several days passed again with no response. I against posted the same tough questions. Your campaign manager chimed in again, another apology, Mr Curtis is out of town, but rest assured he is not dodging these issues or questions and will respond and share his action plans when he returns…. several days have passed again, now, not only are all of the questions asked deleted from facebook not answered, they are deleted, and I have been blocked from commenting on your campaign posts. So much for not dodging or avoiding the issues. I was honestly hoping that you were a genuine candidate with plans to help save Kentucky. That hope turns out, was misplaced. Now I have no choice but to share my experience in every possible avenue available to me, and with as many people as possible. The office of Governor is simply too important to hand over to someone without any real plans simply because they have t shirts, buttons, and catchy catch phrases. Good luck in your future ventures, as long as they are outside of the realm of legislating Kentucky.
  • Nils Herdelin
    @Juris_dudence tweeted link to this page. 2015-04-23 14:44:17 -0400
  • Nils Herdelin
    commented 2015-04-23 14:43:46 -0400
    I don’t know what impressed me more: the well articulated and genuine way you addressed some of the issues on your page (not claiming to have answers you didn’t but rather putting forth a reason-based process for finding answers irrespective of entrenched partisan stances) or the matter-of-factness with which you believe, like I do, that eliminating the “politics” from governing is both necessary and something most folks can get behind. I
  • David Curtis
    commented 2015-03-30 00:02:20 -0400
    So, I’ve found your ‘Issues’ page and, as someone who is more than somewhat exasperated (enraged) by our system’s currently out-moded and destructive (non)functionality, I can honestly say your earnestness, ideas, and remarkable ability to speak out of only one side of your mouth have impressed me. One thing you don’t seem to mention (and forgive me if I’ve missed it somewhere on your website) are your stances on social issues. Issues like LBGTQ rights (equal representation, marriage, and the like) and reproductive rights (access to high quality sex education, contraception, and abortion) are a huge part of many voter’s decision and I’d love to see that information available on your site.

  • Sharon Gifford
    commented 2015-03-23 13:49:36 -0400
    Are you going to actually answer questions or dance around without ever really giving an answer? No matter in what debates you take part, or what the platform of any Q & A session might be, I think people want and deserve someone who is able to answer questions directly, bluntly, and honestly and not dance around worrying about how many votes a particular answer will cost them. Own it, and own all of it! For example: I will never vote for a candidate who promises to repeal the Medicaid expansion in KY or who denies the success of the ACA here. Nor will I vote for someone opposed to equal rights, or who continues to see coal as KY’s only economic answer, and who is opposed to the legalization of hemp for KY’s economy. How do you feel about those issues? They are nonstarters for me—the answers will tell me if I need to know any more. Direct, efficient answers are what I’m looking for, not a long-winded song and dance.