What Trump Has to Do to Earn My Vote

What Trump Has to Do to Earn My Vote

In the Kentucky Sports Radio debate today, we were asked which presidential candidate we would vote for if the election were held today. It’s a tough question because it’s a trap question. 

It’s designed to do two things: 1) trap a candidate into giving a non-response, like Conway did or 2) trap a candidate into picking an imperfect candidate and revealing flaws in the answer, like Bevin answering Carson instead of Paul.  

Let me first point out I answered this question directly, knowing full well it was a trap.  

I said Trump, but here’s the asterisk at the end of that answer:

First of all, I qualified the answer (and to be clear I’m not walking this back after the fact - it’s on the live audio) by saying there’s something he would need to do first to ever earn my vote: Show us exactly how he would fix America’s problems.

Here’s what Trump usually says in a nutshell: Step 1, everything is broken. Step 3, let’s fix it.  

I need to hear from him what Step 2 is.  We haven’t heard it yet, and we probably never will. It’s easy to say everything’s broken, but it’s hard to show how you’d fix it.

Secondly, and I did not say this in the debate, let’s not mince words: Donald Trump is often disrespectful to minorities and women, and I don’t condone that behavior. He is also frequently aggressive toward members of the media simply for confronting him with valid questions. A politician should treat a critical media as an ally trying to improve their candidacy.  

Your main takeaway from my answer should be this - I answered it truthfully knowing full well it was a trap question and that it would raise some eyebrows.  You and I are not going to see eye-to-eye 100% of the time. But I didn’t flinch from responding honestly to this trap question because I believe voters value honest responses over dodging the question or outright pandering.  

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  • Martin Smith
    commented 2015-10-01 15:02:57 -0400
    That said can we get back to telling voters of the Commonwealth the step 2 plans you have to improve this great state and inspire the nation to follow?