A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called 
How Bad Laws Get Made about a terrible piece of legislation no one asked for to solve a problem that had already been solved. The good news is the bill failed. The bad news is the author of the bill, State Senator C.B. Embry, took his entire failed bill and attached it to another piece of legislation. The even worse news is the legislation he attached it to is a great bill—it would allow students in school districts to participate in searches for school superintendents.

HB 236 had already passed the house and looked to be a sure thing to pass the state senate until Embry attached his failed bill as a floor amendment. Students had spent two years working on this bill only to have it deep-sixed at the last minute by a senator who didn’t even care about HB 236 one way or the other. He was just being a troll.

Heather and I attended a rally today on the Capitol steps in support of this bill. One thing really stood out for me: the students behind this bill have decided to protest not only what happened to their bill, but the notion that this is just how politics works. Rather than becoming jaded and cynical, the students decided that we are not stuck with this. Things do not have to work this way. I couldn’t agree more—this is exactly the reason I decided to run for office.

If we, the voting public, can also adopt this same attitude, we can change government to work for us. Get involved in the process. Tell legislators this kind of politics-as-usual behavior won’t be tolerated.  Be like these students.  Don’t accept the status quo—change it.

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