Open Letter to Justice Will T. Scott

Open Letter to Justice Will T. Scott

Justice Scott:

My name is Drew Curtis. I’m running for Governor of KY as an Independent candidate.

I’d like to commend you on an excellent campaign run. I was impressed by your unwillingness to wade into candidate mudslinging and your sense of humor. Most importantly, I was impressed by your detailed, experienced-based judicial solutions. In particular, your ideas regarding drug courts, family commitment laws, penal code reform, law enforcement, and more were outstanding.

I am an entrepreneur, technologist, and digital media specialist. I understand how to build broadband networks at the hardware level, I can code, and I can navigate mainstream media. However I have limited experience with judicial issues outside of what I learned growing up when my father Bill Curtis took me to work with him. Like you, he worked for the Public Defender’s Office, and in fact we may have met--he and I visited the Pikeville DPA office at least once around the same time you were there. (As an aside, I attended the SOAR conference last week and was impressed by how amazing Pikeville looks these days! I’ll be back soon.)

Your ideas, as well as your experience, on judicial issues are far superior to any other candidate. Additionally, these topics seemed to be what excited you most about becoming Governor: you saw a chance to change things for the better for all of us. The ideas you presented were some of the most refreshing of the entire primary and should not be so quickly dismissed.

Our positions on issues are not 100% aligned, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that all good ideas persevere. And because you are a true public servant, I know you want to share that experience in whatever way you can.

So I would like to publicly offer you a position in my administration to impact state policy in these areas. And if you would rather not to join me, perhaps you could share your solutions with me in depth sometime? I strongly feel they are ideas worth keeping in the public conversation.

I’m not seeking endorsement of my campaign, only your help in making sure your strong and necessary proposals have the best chance at being implemented. I hope you’ll contact me at your convenience so we can have a friendly discussion.

Best of luck to you and yours,

Drew Curtis
Independent Candidate for Governor

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  • Richard Ludt
    commented 2015-05-20 11:08:08 -0400
    Well said sir.