Bevin and Conway Kiss Up to King Coal

Bevin and Conway Kiss Up to King Coal

There could be no better example of how cozy Democrats and Republicans are with special interests than the secret coal debate participated in by Matt Bevin and Jack Conway. It’s clear that the entire point of this debate was for the coal barons to be confident they can elect a candidate that they own outright.

Let’s unpack exactly why this debate was terrible:

  • - It was sponsored by the coal industry for the explicit purpose of influencing government policy. In the Herald-Leader article an organizer said “it allowed the candidates to ‘get a better understanding of the industry but also for people of influence from within our industry to get to know them.’” Influence politics at its finest.

  • - Both candidates were ordered to keep quiet about attending the secret debate and both agreed readily. Consider the implications of this behavior in a Governor: one both willing and able to keep quiet at the behest of special influence money. Is that a governor who will represent your best interests?

  • - The “debate” was held out of state, but both Bevin and Conway were happy to travel to the middle of Virginia to curry favor with the coal barons.

  • - Both parties claim the secret debate was not actually a debate, it was just hanging out with wealthy coal barons. Except as Insider Louisville writer Joe Sonka points out in a Facebook post: “It was just a forum where candidates were asked policy questions with a set amount of time to answer and rebuttal opportunities. But dear jeebus, NOT a debate.

The more I learn about electoral politics as an Independent candidate, the more I realize that the two parties only appear to be at odds with each other. In actuality they’re running a duopoly, and their goal is to lock out any and all candidates without party affiliation. Because if a party can’t sell influence, they can’t raise money.

Have the two party candidates held any other secret debates with any other industry leaders? We’ll never know. they wouldn’t tell us if they did. And there is no way any secret debate would ever benefit the public. The two-party system is continuing business as usual--legally selling out the public so they can raid the state treasury for the next four years.

This. Must. Stop.

If you’re fed up with the two-party system, don’t hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. Vote for the candidate who refuses to take any special interest money. Vote for the candidate who will do what’s best for you, not wealthy donors. Vote for me, Drew Curtis--the only Independent in this race.

If you would like to help Drew get rid of special interests before you can vote, make sure you also donate to the campaign and help collect signatures!

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  • Sheree Krider
    commented 2015-06-13 12:13:03 -0400
    I am happy to see “Independents” in the Kentucky race. Since I am registered as a “no party affiliation” I remember the word “Independent” more easily than most! Welcome to Kentucky politics! ShereeKrider, USMjParty.