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    My name is Jack Prindle and I live on Big Bone Church Road in Union, Ky. I heard a netcast that you were on with Leo LaPorte and immediately hoped that you would be able to help me with an issue that I have been fighting for ten years now.

    Before I bought my home I contacted Insight Communications which was the internet and cable service provider in the area. They advised they did service the address and they were to install broadband internet service to me the day after I moved in. Three months later they still had not installed the service and informed me that they did not service my address.

    My drive is 1,234 feet from their network according to them. The house just north of me has service, but from me south for the next mile and a half there is no service.

    Over the last ten years I have been quoted prices for them to extend the service from $5,000 to 40, 000 depending on the day and who I talked to. Every time I agreed they would come back sometime later and said they had erred and could not provide service.

    To make a long story short, there are 24 property owners that are orphaned and cannot receive broadband internet service in our area. We have signed contracts within the last year with Time Warner to provide service increasing from $300 a month with a 3 year contract, to Over $400 a month with a five year contract, and even though Time Warner signed the contract in each case they have ultimately backed out and said they could not provide the service.

    If you check the FCC database website which tracks broadband internet, put in our addresses it shows both Time Warner and Cincinnati Bell both provide Broadband Internet Service to us, however neither company will provide any service to us. We know that both companies have received tax dollars to provide broadband internet to rural areas, and the database shows they provide service but they do not.

    The 24 property owners as you can imagine, specifically including myself are extremely frustrated!!!! Listening to your comments on Leo LaPortes show I am hopeful that you have an answer and can possibly help us! If you can please contact me:

    Jack Prindle

    11624 Big Bone Church Road

    Union, Ky. 41091


    Phone: 859-474-1095

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