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169 E. Reynolds Rd, Suite 202-D, Lexington KY 40517 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the campaign, please use the feedback form below.

Andrew Sowders
Campaign Manager
Phone: 336.254.0014
Text: 336.254.0014

For questionnaire, survey or voter guide submissions, press inquiries, or to be added to the press release distribution, please contact:

Heather Chapman
Communications Director

For interview or public appearance requests, please contact:

Genevieve Dempre
Scheduling Coordinator

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  • Tracy Drennan
    commented 2015-03-15 00:15:04 -0400
    I understand that Drew Curtis wants to make solutions with “common sense”. What exactly is his idea of common sense? Because we all perceive things differently from one another, so how does he view common sense? Also, what are his views on social issues? What about economic? What is his bias on things and how will it effect the decisions he makes?
  • Newman Mason
    commented 2015-02-02 16:29:55 -0500
    I heard your interview on wvlk yesterday. I almost never listen to that station. I will be voting for you for governor. I appreciate your desire to do something about the chronic lying that “must” take place in order to be elected to govt. service. I hope you are the first (or among the first) of a revolution of transparency (and excellency) in public service across our nation. Only with such a change in attitude in running and voting for office can the idea of a “commonwealth” be taken seriously.
  • Thomas Ballard
    commented 2015-01-30 09:45:37 -0500
    Are you going to be hitting up the Fancy Farm picnic?
  • Devin Morgan
    commented 2015-01-27 17:05:12 -0500
    As this gets rolling, will there be a way to get connected to other people in our area to get the word out? For example, I am in Henderson and there might be other supporters here that I dont know. It would be great to get together with them to get the word out as a team.