What Trump Has to Do to Earn My Vote

In the Kentucky Sports Radio debate today, we were asked which presidential candidate we would vote for if the election were held today. It’s a tough question because it’s a trap question. 

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Drew Details State Plan for Implementing Clean Power Plan

When the EPA announced the Clean Power Plan and the Power+ Plan recently, I came out in favor of both. Since most power plants are already on their way to compliance, the Clean Power Plan should not be a burden to Kentucky, and the investment in our rural communities from the Power+ Plan is exactly what we need to become a more prosperous and better educated state.

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Conway Fights For Big Coal, Not Kentuckians

The EPA recently announced the Clean Power Plan, which entails stricter emissions standards for states, and the Power+ Plan, which promises $1 billion in federal money to help coal country towns get back on their feet.

I support both these plans wholeheartedly. They’re good for Kentucky communities, good for the economy, and good for the environment.

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Drew's Responses to KY Farm Bureau Forum

Earlier today, gubernatorial candidates Matt Bevin and Jack Conway debated agriculture issues at the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s Measure the Candidates forum. As an Independent candidate, Drew Curtis was refused an invitation. However, in the interests of informing voters about all candidates, we would like to take this opportunity to briefly share some of Curtis’s views on the questions that were asked.

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Drew Curtis Releases Plan to Fix KY Pensions

We’re all used to candidates howling about apocalypse scenarios on policy issues, but the Kentucky pension system actually is one.

If no solution to the underfunded pension system is put in place in 2016, the next governor will preside over the worst economic apocalypse the Commonwealth has ever experienced. Worse than 2008, worse than the Great Depression. It will bankrupt the state and set growth back for a generation. 

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Bevin and Conway Kiss Up to King Coal

There could be no better example of how cozy Democrats and Republicans are with special interests than the secret coal debate participated in by Matt Bevin and Jack Conway. It’s clear that the entire point of this debate was for the coal barons to be confident they can elect a candidate that they own outright.

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Open Letter to Justice Will T. Scott

Justice Scott:

My name is Drew Curtis. I’m running for Governor of KY as an Independent candidate.

I’d like to commend you on an excellent campaign run. I was impressed by your unwillingness to wade into candidate mudslinging and your sense of humor. Most importantly, I was impressed by your detailed, experienced-based judicial solutions. In particular, your ideas regarding drug courts, family commitment laws, penal code reform, law enforcement, and more were outstanding.

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A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called 
How Bad Laws Get Made about a terrible piece of legislation no one asked for to solve a problem that had already been solved. The good news is the bill failed. The bad news is the author of the bill, State Senator C.B. Embry, took his entire failed bill and attached it to another piece of legislation. The even worse news is the legislation he attached it to is a great bill—it would allow students in school districts to participate in searches for school superintendents.

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How Bad Laws Get Made

You’ve all seen this happen: politicians scare voters into supporting them by proposing laws on hot-button social issues. But sometimes the issues distract people from noticing that a bill is poorly crafted and would introduce a slew of harmful, unintended consequences.

Let me give you an example from a recent bill without telling you what it’s about.

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