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    The name of Drew Curtis is not easily found on the Internet. Your campaign has been weak while the opposition is plotting more terror for Kentucky. I could not find the name without looking extensively for independent candidates. Drew Curtis has an excellent chance of winning but does not provide accessible information for the voters.

    The Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville is never inspected and had not been inspected before a young was injured several years ago.

    Jack Conway has henchman: Jason Palmer and Ron Turley who work as troopers for the Kentucky Police Department in Frankfort, Kentucky, and who also commit murder.

    A David Corhost (or Chorost) is a psychiatrist who works at Western State Hospital, who runs dope, and who also tortures and murders innocent victims.

    Jack Conway enjoys torture and systematically remove each candidate who opposes him. The Chicago Mafia lounges in the Office of the Kentucky State Attorney General. An Asian woman was murdered in the Franklin County Jail before the news stories were used to report the murder as a suicide. Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Bishop should be on the list of suspects.

    The state funds are bilked by companies that never perform services while Jack Conway takes his kickback bribe and never prosecutes such as the contractor who has been working on the short, half-mile section of I-65 in front of Jewish Hospital for more than 15 years in Louisville.

    Douglas Anthony Blanton runs the dope at the University of Kentucky and tortures students.

    Two advantages for Drew Curtis: Jack Conway is a sadist and disliked. Matt Bevin has a black running mate while Kentuckians have been besieged by black dope gangs.

    Drew Curtis could actually win if Drew Curtis was more visible.

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