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  • published How Bad Laws Get Made in Blog 2015-03-02 16:11:00 -0500

    How Bad Laws Get Made

    You’ve all seen this happen: politicians scare voters into supporting them by proposing laws on hot-button social issues. But sometimes the issues distract people from noticing that a bill is poorly crafted and would introduce a slew of harmful, unintended consequences.

    Let me give you an example from a recent bill without telling you what it’s about.

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  • responded to Please explain with completed 2015-02-05 15:43:29 -0500

    Please explain

      "I don't care what anyone says, the masses are morons. My own grandmother is an idiot. You can't count on them to pick good stuff"

    Official response from completed

    My Wikipedia page has had incorrect information on it for years. That quote is only partially accurate - I never said my grandmother was an idiot, for example (among other things, including the rudest bit). I also never went to Bob Jones University by the way. Wikipedia doesn't allow people to fix their own entries. otherwise I'd have changed it awhile ago.  

    The main point I was making with the -original- quote had to do with the concept of the wisdom of crowds. I don't believe this to be universally true - there's a reason the term "mob mentality" exists after all. Crowds tend to make pretty poor choices in the heat of the moment. Especially when mislead by misinformation and fear with the expressed purpose of affecting individual voters in elections.  

    There is wisdom in crowds but how do you extract that wisdom?  Leadership.  Not by letting crowds just do whatever they want

  • published Donate Now! 2015-01-23 15:51:15 -0500

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