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  • posted about Drew and Heather Curtis - Citizen Candidates for Kentucky on Facebook 2015-05-21 06:30:01 -0400
    Drew and Heather Curtis - Citizen Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor of Kentucky

    Drew and Heather Curtis - Citizen Candidates Looking to Break the Political Party Stronghold on Electoral Politics

    “It is a well-known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.” – Douglas Adams

    We have a theory that we’re about to see a huge change in how elections and politics work. Across the country, we have seen regular citizens stepping up and challenging the status quo built by political parties and career politicians. They have been getting closer and closer to victory and, here in Kentucky, we believe we have a chance to win and break the political party stronghold for good.

    We are not politicians. We are Citizen Candidates.

    Citizen Candidates evaluate ideas on merit, not on outside influence, campaign contribution sources, or party ideology. They believe a good idea is a good idea, no matter which political party supports it. Citizen Candidates are regular people with common sense. They are capable leaders who would be fantastic elected officials - if they chose to run. 

    Most don’t. And we can’t blame them.

    Political parties have shut out any outsiders from the process. But we think we see another way.

    We're not the only ones either. In just 2014 alone, we saw the following:

    - Bob Healey, an educator and political activist, ran for Governor of Rhode Island and won 22% of the vote - and spent just $35 to do it.
    - Greg Orman, an entrepreneur and Independent candidate for Senate in Kansas, knocked the Democratic candidate out of the race and was polling close with the Republican incumbent the entire election.
    - Columbia Law professor Tim Wu ran a campaign that almost put him on the Lt. Governor ballot for the November 2014 election. 
    - House of Representatives Majority Whip Eric Cantor was knocked out of the GOP primary by David Brat, a professor from Randolph Macon College.

    None of these people were politicians.

    All ran for office with the goal of finding a new way to seek elected office. And now we believe there is a path to victory in Kentucky and a chance to shatter the glass permanently. It goes beyond Kentucky though. Win or lose, our plan is to produce a blueprint others can use to get elected - in any state - without party help.

    This campaign is important to everyone, not just citizens of Kentucky.

    This is our chance. But it takes everyone’s help to make it happen. We are standing up against career politicians, political parties, special interests, and every group that thinks they deserve more influence than you.

    Influence money can’t stop the power of citizens when they are unified.

    In 2014, 1,000,000 people contacted the FCC in support of net neutrality – a policy that Big Telecom like AT&T and Comcast have been fighting for decades. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to fight it, and yet, none of it mattered once a million people voiced their support to the FCC. Now even the President has come out in support of it, addressing the issue in the State of the Union.

    If we are ever going to change the tide...

    ...against special interests and political parties in our electoral process, we need that same kind of overwhelming support. We need more than just your votes. To remain viable in the face of so many forces trying to keep third party candidates out of the election, we need your financial support too. Citizen Candidates can’t raise money from special interest groups - because it doesn’t buy influence. We won’t cater to their demands and we won't take their PAC money. We need to raise it from their grassroots supporters, so please donate what you can.

    If every voter gave their candidate just $5, special interest money would be powerless.

    Not only does your financial support help us stay competitive, it proves legitimacy to the mainstream media. The deck has been stacked against us, but you can change that.

    Not only do we want to win this election and shatter the electoral status quo, but we need to produce a blueprint so Citizen Candidates can win in all 50 states without political party support.