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    We did not even know there was an independent candidate for governor.

    Try one or both of these media events about national issues for free news coverage:

    1. Pay for the showers for truckers at one truck stop such as at the Flying J that is near Frankfort and the Love’s Truck Stop that is near Richmond, Kentucky. There is another truck stop just east of Louisville, Kentucky in Shelbyville. The showers are usually approximately $10 each. The national issue is the price reflects price gouging and that the prices should be controlled with legislation. There will probably be less than one hundred trucks at the truck stop because of limitations for parking space.

    2. Do a media event about deportation for illegal aliens. The US citizens do want to have the illegal aliens deported. Therefore, use a location with workers who support unions such as United Parcel Service (UPS). The event can be about what? A give-away? A free food fest with hot dogs and hamburgers? I did want to run for governor and do despise Jack Conway. I also support deportation because the illegal aliens comprise the majority of the gang population. The event needs to be news worthy, not offensive like Fark, and must benefit the public. Maybe a free day at a zoo for the union workers? Maybe an event at a union hall? I am not sure about the political restrictions for holding the events but do know that the Teamsters have protected the drivers during some adverse circumstances. Maybe you could give a group of third shift workers from the UPS in Lexington (to attract attention to deportation and illegal aliens) free admission to the track or ball field in Lexington. Does Drew Curtis have a special skill that could be used for the event?

    Your website should have been designed with more “keywords” such as for the words “independent candidate 2015 Kentucky governor.” However, the time is near and the media will help to attract the voters who watch the news reports or who read the news reports on t

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